10 februari 2011

Thailand bliss..

Sweet Thailand! Now sitting in Phuket - near Pa Tong beach. Just arrived from Northern Thailand, Chiang Mai. We´ll be here for at few days - and then move on to Phi phi islands further south east.

Some watermelon??

It is just such a treat - such a bliss - being in Thailand, and overall being in a warm climate, wearing a shirt and shorts or just a dress, letting the sun kiss my body. And my oh my, all the food.... all the lovely food! Not really fruit season right now, nothings really abundant, but compared - COMPARED - to what is at home in Sweden... it´s just not comparable. Buying lovely watermelons for five swedish money each, could never find that in Sweden. Or Durian - not in season - but, we have still had some. It is just the best. Yep, the king of fruits, sure agree on that one.

Durian foraging in Chiang mai. 

In Chiang Mai right now, mostly papayas and watermelon in season. Papaya is a great food - easy to digest and a lovely sweet taste and fragrance if properly ripen. This is me after having papaya lunch :) I finished the whole fruit in one sitting, and showing off the peel:

Papaya :)

Things are more expensive here down south though. More tourists to make more money from. But, still really cheap compared to home... Found some watermelon for lunch + bananas + salad. And I´ve been hauling along some passion fruits from Chiang mai - just beautiful. A REAL treat.

Finding foods are just the easiest thing if you´re LFRV!! Ok, we´ll have to spend some time just finding the markets, buying the fruits and then carrying it back home - but, might be worth it if you feel super good, high energy, strong and happy in the end of the day!

Now out for some tourist spotting here in town :)

Peace //Alex

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